About me

My name is Sammia Poveda. Even though i was born in Asunción, Paraguay, I am Ecuadorian, and have only that nationality. After 5 years in Paraguay, I lived the rest of my childhood and teen years in Ecuador. After completing my undergraduate studies in the ‘Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador’, in Quito; and receving the title of Designer, I moved with my family to Brasilia, Brazil. That changed the course of my life, as I have been living abroad ever since. Once in Brasilia, I did a Posgraduate course: MBA in Marketing, and two Online Master courses: Production and Creation of Multimedia; and; Information and Knowledge Society.

Many, like I have done myself many times, may ask themselves… WHY? Why have you been jumping from theme to theme?

Well, I do see some logic in my path. On my last year at university I had the opportunity to work with an indigenous community, and different from my fellow colege students, I was interested in find ways of making multimedia a vehicle for rescuing and strengthening their cultural traditions, that were getting disregarded and exchanged for western values. Then, using technology, one thing they seemed to be extremely interested on, seemed to be a good opportunity, to create specific content, that would both use a technology they liked and preserve their values. Well… back then, I approached that project from a Designer’s perspective, and created a multimedia platform and some furniture.. but that sparked something in me that I could never again ignore…

The next courses I took were a way to find my way to the place I am today, and in all of them I have learned invaluable things. I was not aware of the field known as ICT4D in the UK, or as the Information Society in the US and Spain. But, thanks to the degree in Multimedia at UOC, an online university from Barcelona, I was able to step closer to where I wanted to be.

My years in Brazil were also very very valuable. In parallel to studying I worked in various places, for the private sector and as a volunteer in the civil society sector. Then I worked in international development, which was not specifically in the area I wanted, by was already development, which by then, I was more familiar with. You know, Designers usually work on the relationship of the product and the user, but do not engage, for their work -not personally (I am sure many do reflect on this things)-, on thinking why this product, what is its impact on the society or the environment. Then development was a new area and working for international development finally indicated to me what kind of work I wanted to do. I wanted to engage with social change. Whether in an NGO or an international organisation, I wanted my work to make the world better (even though it sounds naive).

Eventually I realised I had to make a choice, keep working where I was, make money, gain stability, but forget my passion and settle to have a conformable status quo life, or make a change, start again, face the unknown, but trying this time to start from my passion instead of following the river of life. I picked the second and after a year and a half of applications and negotiations, I got a placement for a PhD in the UK. The past 4 years have been the most difficult, incredible and valuable I have had in my personal and work life. I cried, learned, struggled, teached, helped others, grew up, challenged my own ideas, and came up at the end a person that is today aware that knows nothing, that would like to keep on learning and mostly keep facing the unknown, never settle for the status quo, but making every minute in my live count, even if that minute is painful, because there will be many more that will be incredible.

After finishing the PhD, I got a job in Macau!! who would have thought! I am now in Asia, learning so many new things. I loved asian food before, but there is so much variety, the customs and the people… I am loving the experience, which is not to say that it has been easy, it is and will continue to be a struggle, but I would not change it. I have lovely friends and co-workers and I am sure more will come.

If you have read till here, I thank you for your patience. This is just intented to tell you abit about me in a very informal way, but if you would like a more formal presentation, please visit my LinkedIn

Thanks again for reading this little story!