Be responsible… overcome fashion impulses?

My dear readers,

My post today is more personal. It belongs to a wish of make amends both to you and myself, for leaving this blog unattended for so long. More than once I have rejected invites to open accounts in new social medias, precisely because after some reflection, I have concluded that I have nor the time neither the need to get some benefits from the use of these tools. With this I mean than, even though it is attractive to get involved in something that everyone is using and talking about, I prefer just to use social media that will bring me some personal benefit. These benefits may be: entertainment (watch videos or listen to music), professional (promoting my CV), emotional (sharing pics and messages with my love ones), among others. Accordingly, opening new accounts to be fashionable, because everyone is doing so, is not appealing to me, I prefer to use my time in different ways.

However… despite my philosophy, my blog was left unattended for many months, and today that I have finally time to restart, I feel a little guilty for not being more responsible with this blog’s updates. For this reason, I apologise to the readers and to myself, as a symbol of my renewed motives for keeping this blog.

I decided to open this blog to have a place that will allow me to reflect my thoughts with fellow Latin American colleagues, but also, to get to know them better. Today, why I was absent is no longer important, but I am coming back with much ideas and energies to write and to learn more about ICTs in Latin America. Also, taking advantage that I am in Campinas – Brazil, doing my PhD fieldwork, I long to be able to publish new post very soon.

I will like also to ask for your comments. Dialogue allows a better production of knowledge, so I long to read your opinions and ideas!

Til soon!



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